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Who We Are...

We are a small family owned and operated cattle ranch in central Alabama (Chilton County) and our mission is to provide consumers with THE highest quality farm to table experience. We achieve this by raising our livestock responsibly and in a low stress environment. All animals born here never receive any added form of growth hormone, steroid, or antibiotic.

   Our cattle are all Angus based which allows them to grow quickly but at a natural pace. Our herds free graze in rotational pastures and are supplemented with a multi-grain pelleted feed.

   Our hogs live in open air barns that allow equal access to both shade and sunshine and room to root. They are a Landrace and Yorkshire cross and are fed a multi-grain pelleted feed. 

    Our beef is currently sold by the quarter, half or whole and pork by the half or whole. We use a local processor where the finished meat is picked up directly. 

     Trial and error, hard work and perseverance are traits that most ranchers have in common and are characteristics that we practice daily. What we believe as a family is also shown through how we operate as a business.

  • God - We believe that he is the creator of all things, and it is important that we operate in a way that pleases Him.

  • Family - Family and relationships are more important than material things.

  • Integrity - Do the right thing even when no one else is looking. 

  • Hard work - Hard work is important. It gives us satisfaction in what we do and is critical for sucess. 

  • Stewardship - We have been charged with stewardship of our natural resources and to care for our creation in its abundance.  

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