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Our Story...

   Calfee Cattle is simply our own small family of four; Shannon, Dana, Emma Kate and Anna Claire.  We are lucky to have always called Chilton County our home and our roots run deep in the small community of Isabella (Maplesville) where we attend Mulberry Baptist Church and actively serve in our local school.  

    Ranching/farming is what we've always known and hope to continue this lifestyle as long as God will allow.  

   We enjoy the quiet life and are passionate about ranching. You can always find one, or sometimes all of us, handling business, doing chores, or just enjoying each other with this lifestyle God has chosen to bless us with. When not ranching, we love to get away for a weekend camping trip if the opportunity presents itself!

    We are so pleased and honored that you are visiting our website to learn more about our ranch and products that we sell. We trust that you will like what you see. We look forward to speaking with you soon! 

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